Saturday, 11 January 2014

Back at it - and working on a premium range!

It seems I've been away for an age! So, what have I missed on Handmade Monday?

Bag making has taken a bit of a back seat to other things I'm afraid. As well as (starting to) decorate the new house and helping Mr HbyH with his woodburning stove business (always a manic time from September to Christmas!) I've also treated myself to a leather bag making workshop.

Here's what I made....
.. with a lot of help from the lovely ladies at GDH leather.

I've come back with lots of ideas. My trademark is using lovely fabrics in interesting ways (i think!?) so I'm really keen to start using a combination of leather and high quality upholstery weight fabrics like this one....
.... to try and come up with something unique but that still has the feel of HandbagsbyHelen.

I've done a few sketches and grappled with the idea of using hand sewn leather with fabric - without the aid of an industrial sewing machine! I'm hoping to have some stuff to show you soon.

But in the meantime I've been finishing off a few other projects which have sat around making me feel guilty for a while.

These two mini-messenger bags have finally been finished and are in my Folksy shop.
And this large weekend style bag is almost there......
My first leather venture is going to be a chocolate brown and peach cotton patchwork messenger bag, but with a leather strap.
And in between there's still been time to enjoy the amazing views from our new (is it still new after 6 months?) home.


  1. I like the colours of your first leather bag - is it much harder to work with than other fabrics? What lovely views you have as you sew at home - wonderful!

  2. The elephant material is gorgeous! And I love the fabric with the dragonflies on the front of your messenger bag.

  3. I love your leather bag! The others are very pretty too! Happy Handmade Monday!

  4. Your leather bag looks very professional. I'll be interested to see your new makes.

  5. I love the sound of the leather bags with those prints. I too would love to see what you do with this!

  6. Great to hear that you are settling well into your new home - i definitely think it still counts for the first year you're there...

    Such beautiful bags as always :) How exciting that you are branching out into leather too! I think that the idea of combining it with lovely fabrics will work really well, i look forward to seeing the results x

  7. Great leather and w/e bag. Amazing view. Where about in the country are you?

  8. Welcome back. Lucky you - I would love to attend a leather workshop. Your leather bag is gorgeous (so too are your other bags). Can't wait to see what you make using the leather techniques.

    With stunning views like that I'd never get any sewing done !!!! xx

  9. Loving the bags, especially the material ones.

  10. I love your leather bag, what a lovely workshop to take. Your other bags look great too, can't wait to see what you make with the elephant fabric.

  11. Really beautiful bags - the materials you find are so gorgeous. Hope you have a good week.

    Jill, Christmas Pie Crafts