Sunday, 29 September 2013

Time for a little celebration!

I don't seem to have found much time to take part in Handmade Monday since we moved house. We've been busy decorating - well, I've been busy decorating. Mr HbyH has been busy plumbing, so that we can run our heating and hot water from our wood-burning stove (inspired by the shock we received when ordering our first tank of oil - HOW MUCH!)

And, of course we've still been enjoying the lovely countryside. I still can't quite believe how luck we are to live here.
Still got lots to do, but I'm finally back at the sewing machine in between odd-jobs. AND...I have a nice new sewing room all to myself.
And to top it all off, my Facebook page has reached 900 likes. So I've decided to have a little celebration (I know, I could have waited until 1,000 but that just seems like aaaaaages away!). I'm giving away this teal and brown cross-body messenger bag to one lucky person who leaves a comment on my Facebook page.

There (may) still be time to enter by the time you read this. So if you want to pop by my Facebook page and leave a comment before 8pm this evening (29th Sept) then I'll add your name into the draw.

Ahhh, it's good to be back.


  1. Oh yes - oil! I'm so glad to be away from it now, the first house for many, many years on the mains has made such a difference. But I do miss my wood burner - the ritual of lighting the fire, and watching the flames is very comforting :)
    Congrats on reaching 900 likes (I'm one of very many now!)

  2. It is such a lovely bag - gorgeous colour. Good luck with the decorating and hope you have a good week.

  3. Another tidy craft room! How do you keep it like that? Mine is too bad to show !! I really like that bag so taking a detour from HM to FB!!

  4. I've quickly popped over to enter your draw. Hope I got there in time :) Glad you have settled in now and what I would give for a sewing room like yours :)

  5. It looks a lovely sunny sewing room :)
    Well done on your 900 plus likes on facebook

    Jan x

  6. Welcome back! What wonderful views you have - I love hot air balloons, they make me feel all goosebumpy if you know what I mean! Your craft room looks great - I hope you can find lots of time to spend in there x

  7. You have a lovely view from the window. I love your sewing room too, hopefully you can start to make full use of it soon.

  8. 900 is amazing! Well done!! And I'm so jealous of your rural retreat - beautiful :)

  9. great to hear you're settling well into the new place, it sounds blissful! Your new sewing room looks fab, i can see you spending many happy hours in there making your beautiful bags :) x