Sunday, 15 April 2012

Summer in the air!??

It's been a really busy weekend, but have managed to find time to post some pictures for Handmade Monday. On Saturday I finally managed to finish two bags which have been in progress for a while. But I ran out of fusible fleece and have been waiting for more to arrive. If only I could find a cheaper source of this - it's often the most expensive item which goes into making a bag, but using it gives a much better quality finish!

Anyway, I'm a bit anxious about these two....but the fabric was so lovely and cheery I just couldn't resist. What do you think? Are they a bit too bright?

Today has been just as hectic. But not from bag making - I was actually do my "day job", but read on and you'll see there are some days when doesn't feel like work!

This is one of the woodland sites I manage.....

The coppicing was done this winter by some lovely, lovely volunteers! And today we had a bit of a public event to try and get people to visit the wood. Meet the lovely Hermes from HorseForce logging (she's the one with four legs!) who has been doing a bit of work for us today, dragging logs out of the wood.

And then there was the Fairy Trail with these amazing sculptures from FantasyWire.

So you see, sometimes it's just not like a job at all! How lucky am I!!?


  1. I love your bags, especially the blue and orange one and dont think they are too bright at all, especially for summer!

  2. Gosh you must have one of the best jobs in the world!
    I don't think the bags are to bright for summer, they are nice colours.

  3. Those bags might be just right for summer - in fact, they'd be great for holidays! How wonderful are those wire sculptures?!

  4. They really are lovely wire sculptures. My daughter would Love them.
    Your bags look really pretty, very well made.

  5. Those bags are great, Helen! Very summery! Janelle

  6. You manage woods... how incredible! Love the bright spring fabrics that you are using in the bags... great makes!

  7. I want your job!!!
    The bags are lovely - not too bright at all (but then I'm a sucker for bright colours). They are perfect for summer whether it's to match a sunny day or brighten up a dull one. xx

  8. Your bags are lovely. You know they will sell!

    Wanna swap jobs? ;)

  9. I'd love a day job like yours. I am very jealous! Lovely bright bags there too - right up my street :) xx

  10. The bags are great and just perfect for summer time. You are so lucky to have a great day job Mich x

  11. That does look like a lovely job.

    The bags are lovely. I'm a big fan of bright colours.

  12. What a wonderful proper job nothing beats nature and those fairy sculptures look fantastic. Love the bags and the colour ways

  13. The bags are great Helen, great for any time, they would brighten up the dullest day.
    I love your wood pictures, I'm hoping I can get some pictures of some logging just been done local to me.
    It must be a great job.

    Jan x