Saturday, 24 March 2012

It's about the fabric ... not the bags!

I'm a bit early for this weeks Handmade Monday - but since I'll be listening to the blues at Buxton Opera House tomorrow evening I thought I'd get this done now.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets just as much joy out of buying the materials to make something with, than I do out of actually making anything. In fact, barely a week goes buy when I'm not tempted by some new fabric!

Choosing the fabric, finding a matching fabric for the lining and working out what to make are all part of what makes crafting so much fun. 

It's being able to take this...

And turning it into this....

Or this.....

Or finding some cheap off-cuts...

And turning them into these...

Ot this...

Into these...

So, my latest purchase - 3 metres of lovely, lovely turquoise blue hopsack fabric. I couldn't resist - it's so bright and cheery. But now what to match it with?

Should I go with the turquoise and tangerine combination - so summery and fresh looking?

Or this oriental style fabric with matching floral touches?

But turquoise and chocolate is such a classic combination?

It's just as well I have 3 metres - that means I can try them all! How would you make yours?!

Then again - turquoise and pink - how very to search ebay for pink fabric......... 


  1. How extraordinary that we should write about purchasing fabric on the same day!? Well, perhaps it isn't that extraordinary really, in that we both love fabric and make bags and purses!!! Love the turquoise - look forward to seeing what you combine with it, and also seeing the finished item in your shop!
    Regards, Edwina

  2. Looking forward to seeing the bags. Love the tangerine.

  3. Lots of lovely gorgeous fabric - lots of gorgeous makes too. Hope you have a good week with the lovely material.

  4. From a a fellow fabricholic I have far too much as well but it just speaks to you to buy, lol. Love the creations so pretty

  5. Your fabric has me drooling and itching to sew something. Stop it!! ;-)

  6. Gorgeous fabrics, the tangerine is wonderful. Turquiose and pink is a fantastic combination, perfect for these beautiful sunny days.

  7. Chocolate and turquoise is one of my favourite combinations, but I'm sure that whatever you do it'll be stunning!

  8. Wonderful fabrics! I love buying fabric and then just imagining what to make, sometimes I can't bear cutting it up for ages. Lovely combinations and the tree fabric bags are to die for!
    Jo x

  9. Turquoise and tangerine, what a great combination. I also like the turquoise and chocolate combo idea. x

  10. Ooooh decisions, decisions! I like the orange .... but the floral one looks pretty ... and then you go and show us the brown one!!! With 3m you could make one of each! Look forward to seeing the results.

    1. I know what you mean fiddly fingers. I have decided I may have to have a turquoise 'range' so that I can try all combos!

  11. I regularly buy material without having a purpose for it :-/

  12. Think you are right Helen to try all the combos - and hope you managed to get some nice fabric as turquoise and pink is yummy together Mich x

  13. Oooo I love the colours, turquoise is a beautiful colour and looks good with just about anything, I love the fabrics you have matched it with. I also love a turquoise and purple combination. Looking forward to seeing the final choices.

    Jan x

  14. Oriental for me every time but wait did you mention pink??
    Decisions, decisions. Praps I will just wait and see what you come up with!!! Hugs Mrs A.