Saturday, 26 November 2011

Top five fab places to get your fabric fix!

I was hoping to blog about my fab craft fair yesterday. But things didn't go quite as planned! Due to the wind and various other factors, four of us were sent home because there weren't any pitches left. So instead of telling that rather depressing story again (if you are a Folksy member you may already have seen my whinge!), i thought i'd refresh Saturdays blog page for this weeks Handmade Monday.

Are you a fabric addict? I know there are plenty of us out there. In fact, I sometimes think I spend more time shopping for fabric than I do making things with fabric. It's probably when my husband queries the number of parcels arriving through the door that I think I should actually turn them into something useful.

But  I have to confess I'm a bit of a cheapskate. I love my Kate Spain (as some of you may already know!), my Joel Dewberry and my Jennean Morrison. But at £10 a metre I have to limit myself to what I can make with these. Generally I try and limit myself to a maximum of about £6 a metre - but if I really like something I pretend the postage doesn't count! So here's my top 5 of places to by fab affordable fabric

In at number 1: Probably the  place I visit most ... Doughty's

All these are currently listed at £2.99 per metre - what a bargain!

 Number 2: Crafts & Quilts of Southport

Has some great designer fabrics and a huuuuuge selection!


 Number 3: Cheap

If I can buy my lining at these prices then I can splash out a bit more on the pretty fabrics.

My last two are from my e-bay favourite sellers list. This list grows on a daily basis and i could probably extend this to a top 50, but here are two of my faves!




  1. Oh Helen, you mare! I have just about managed to bury my need for more materials, I am concentrating in the day job! But now????? I may have to hide my cards... no, no, no....

  2. Don't be telling me more places! Like you I have more fabric than I know what to do with, I can't help it, I have to have it! There's nothing more lovely than a fabric bundle arriving in the post. I like My Fabric House, they usually put a little freebie in too!

  3. Hi Helen
    Thanks for all these fab links, it's always good to go on recommendation especially when fabric can be so pricey!

    I'm aware of our Christmas swap coming up so please could you email me your address to and I will happily reply with my address. Many thanks. Have a great week ahead. Penelope xox

  4. Sorry ladies! Maybe we need a group therapy forum....

  5. They all look lovely, but I particularly like the colours/shades on the last one: Textile Express

  6. Stop tempting me... I love the group from Textile Express.

    I am so sorry to hear about your craft show experience :(

  7. Love the fabrics in 2 there - beautiful! I used to do dressmaking and ended up with a house full of fabric remnants - wish I'd hung on to them now.

    Sorry to hear about your craft fair experience :-(

    Alison x

  8. Those are some lovely patterned fabrics there. Makes me want to go and sew... not sure what to sew though hehe.

  9. Those fabrics are lovely, I think I like number 4 the best. Shame about the fair but hopefully the next one will make up for it. x

  10. I know, I know I can't help myself where fabric is concerned. My daughter says I get Fabric Fever and my husband says I need a 12 Stitch Program!

  11. Ooo. Thanks for the link, I am looking for some lime green to put in a quilt for a G/son and you don't see it so often. I too love rummaging amongst fabrics, I seem to horde them, I have so many I have recently made a quilt out of stock without buying anything, including wadding. Shh. Dont tell OH.

  12. Lovely fabrics, will have a peek at their sites. I love Abakhan for fabrics - their north Wales store is brilliant and their online service is good too.

  13. Beautiful fabrics - sorry to hear about your fair but hopefully you had plenty of time for more crafting.

    Ali x

  14. Oh don;t I love fabric a guilty pleasure and an addiction. Now seeing these think I may have to have a spend up

  15. Those are all so pretty. And to think I was so excited to buy just 4 different ones for my Christmas bags, I thought I had over done it! :)