Monday, 26 September 2011

A fair day out!

Spent the weekend with some lovely folk at Tissington village craft fair.

This was my first 'proper' craft fair so wasn't really sure what to expect but it seemed like a good subject for Handmade Monday Despite the heatwave predicted for this week the weather in the lovely Peak District was distinctly mediocre. My bags got lots of nice comments and i met some lovely people. I even had an invite to stay in Oxfordshire to visit a fabric shop from a fellow fabric lover. The other stall holders, many of whom are regulars at the Tissington event were very helpful so i thought i'd give a shout out for the ones  i could remember....Noahs Ark Toys, cute Teddy Bears from Handmade by Isobel....... (sorry to anyone i've forgotten or didn't get contact details/names for!).

A lovely few days in a beautiful location but alas, no sales! But then it was worth it just to see the amazing Tissington Hall.


  1. It certainly looks a lovely place. A shame about the no sales, especially as your bags are lovely - fingers crossed for the next event.


  2. Sounds like a positive experience despite the lack of sales. Think it's hard to sell at the moment as people haven't started to think about Christmas just yet, and the weather is so changeable.

    Good luck for your next fair :-)


  3. Looks like a lovely place for a craft fair. I did my first craft fair this year wasn't exactly a raoring success but I do think your learn alot from the experience don't you? Your bags look great and very well made

  4. Thanks for all the comments. It's nice to know i'm not alone.

  5. Your table looks lovely and it sounds like you enjoyed the event despite the lack of sales. Hopefully you'll have gained something from this and will have a great day sales-wise at your next event x

  6. Tissington Hall looks a great place, it's a shame about your no sales but I'm glad you enjoyed the experience.

    Jan x

  7. Helen,
    I am stunned that you had no sales of your LOVELY bags !
    Looking on the bright side, your 1st fair experience was in a beautiful setting and you got friendship, fun and useful connections and learning out of it.
    Said to another slightly disheartened experienced crafting friend just a minute ago : keep calm and carry on crafting !
    Best wishes,
    Kiki x

  8. Oh, I love Tissington. Brings back memories of cycling and cream teas. What a shame your bags didn't sell. Why don't people buy stuff at craft fairs?!!