Thursday, 25 August 2011

One good turn...

I have to confess to having spent a long time procrastinating over which bag to finish. Things seem to get half finished and then, somehow, I lose momentum!

So instead of a baggy post I'm going to say thank you to the lovely lady at Just Soaps of the Earth for the lovely gift I received last week.

Jane put out a plea via UK Crafts Forum for a copy of one of the previous weekends Sunday paper supplements. I sent her my copy (which would only have gone in the recycling) and in exchange received a lovely surprise of one of her soaps. I definitely think I came best out of the deal so thought I'd give her a bit of a plug by way of thanks. And I can definitely vouch for her products (the grapefruit and lime soap is fab!) and she's given me inspiration for this years Christmas presents!

1 comment:

  1. I saw Jane's plea, I've been in a similar position and ran around like a headless chicken until I found what I needed.
    I don't partake of newspapers (except local)so couldn't help, I'm pleased she managed to get one from you.

    Jan :o)